Friday, October 1, 2010

Power of logical deductions

Remember, I am an egineer, brutally practial. I have no experience of civil or military intelligence. But... read on...

In 1999, I was serving at Maithon, Jharkhand. I had some official work at Asnasol. I had TIME that day. So I decided to go site seeing. I ambled onto the platform of Burnpur station. I saw something wich intrigued me. Two railway coaches, seemed to be A/C type. All windowsw covered with steel plates welded to the body. NO DOORS!!

Set me thinking. Can't be goods carriage or passenger coach. How do you enter a doorless coach? Could be fish carrier. But it had no stink, BUT how to load/unload? What WAS it? Not good for humans, not good for cargoe!! What was the GOOD of it?

First conclusion: It was a military vehicle. Only they have a logic in the seemingly illogical things. AM I wrong?

Next. It ccould not be an amunition/ordanance carrier. Problem of loading unloading.

Next. It HAD to be a MISSILE platform!! Then and there I worked out how it could deploy the missile(s). Hmmm. I deduced that it could not have more than two missiles. maybe ONE only.

But why TWO coaches? One for missile(s) the other for control equipment.

But both were sealed. Were they? The roof and wall section of the CARRIER must slide onto the other, baring the missile(s).

But personnel? I could not find a third coach. So, one or both had to be AC. On very close examination, but not nearer than 20 feet, revealed both were AC!!

Similar thing I found at Asansol too. And Panagarh yard? Less said the better. Thieves and spies can get in and out at will.

Come on Sirs. Foreign spies too can deduce it after just one siting. They are bound to be smarter than me, it is their karobar, कारोबार, business.

Where is the weakness?