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God’s cool: Here’s how we see Her

God’s cool: Here’s how we see Her

10-City TOI-TNS Poll Finds Religion Thriving In India


   India, they say, is a land of god-fearing people. That’s only partially true. An exclusive opinion poll conducted for The Times of India by TNS, a leading market research agency, shows that while threefourths of Indians are strong believers, God is perceived by many more as a source of energy rather than someone to be feared.
   Asked to respond to the statement, ‘I think I fear God’, only 41% said they completely agreed and another 33% said they mostly agreed. On the other hand, in response to the statement that ‘God is a source of energy in my life’, 56% completely agreed and a further 32% mostly agreed.
   The survey, done across 10 cities with 1,007 respondents, shows Indians are not convinced that God is a micromanager, that is, someone who controls our actions on a day to day basis. Rather, S/He is seen as the Creator — 91% feel God controls macro affairs like the rotation of the earth or the cycle of life and death. A significant 46% said S/He was an observer, not a controller.
   Interestingly, the single largest chunk, 43%, said religion was a private affair compared to only 29% who saw it as a social affair and 28% who said it was both private and social. This might explain why a high 54% said they were against the broadcast of prayers, hymns or bhajans over loudspeakers.
   In a finding that confirms anecdotal evidence, God is also seen as cool today. The number of people who said they are more religious now than they used to be was considerably larger than those who felt they had become less religious. The largest chunk, about 42%, said they were just as religious as in the past.
   God is seen as responsive. A good 54% said God answers all prayers and another 41% said some prayers are answered. S/He is also seen by most believers as someone who loves both believers as well as non-believers.
   Interestingly, while most people do not see God as having a specifically male or female form, views on how old God would be are more crystallised, although very evenly divided between those who think God is young and those whose conception is of a middle-aged or old Almighty.
   For those who think belief in divine — and not just holy — texts is essentially confined to semitic faiths, here’s a revealing figure: 49% think the religious texts have been written either by God or by messengers of God, that is those who communicated directly with the Almighty.

Do you believe God answers prayers?
Yes , all prayers     54%
Yes, some prayers  41%
No                             5%
In what can you feel presence of God??
All human beings                51%
Children                              55%
Parents                                54%
Nature                                 51%
Idols                                    34%
Animals                               26%
Holy places                         54%
Gurus                                   23%
Do you think....
God is always unjust             18%
Sometimes unjust                   25%
Never unjust                          54%
What is singlemost important role of God??
Creator of universe                 46%
Source of life                          10%
Supreme manager                    20%
Observer                                  7%
Judge and jury                           8%
Conscience keeper                    6%
Note: This set of answers is reflective Hindu thinking, who like to exercise their free will and reason.
Do you God knows everything you do?
Yes                  80%
No                   17%
It is not necessary to be a believer to be a good person
Agree              65%
Disagree         35%
Note: These responses are reflective of Hindu thinking, where deeds are held above faith.
Disbelief? Just call it self-belief

Whom do you lean on in times of crisis?

FAMILY & FRIENDS             23

SPIRITUAL GURU                               2

MYSELF                                   59

OTHERS/CAN’T SAY                         16

Note: Gurus and sermonisers and preachers are the distant last in the scema. Another Survey had brought out that Indian youths are the happiest.  A strong emphasise on self and family support is the key.


Do you have a spiritual Guru??

Yes               45%

No                53%


Who do you think wrote religious texts??

God                                     18%

Messengers of God             31%

Wise men                            34%

Ordinary humans beings     10%

Note: reflects the rational and pragmatic approch of a Hindu. Takes nothing on face value or say so of siomeone.


What practices do you follow??

Visit places of worship              90%

Pilgrimage                                   62%

Religious music, books etc.        52%

Observe fasts                              52%

Pray at home                               83%

:Note : temples are important but not the sole of worship. Home is the best place.

Take god's name                        56%


Do you believe in reincarnation??

Yes     62%

No      34%


Does going to heaven depend on your behaviour??

Yes                                              37%

Only for believers                       31%

No, fate is pre-determined           8%

There is only one afterlife           3%

There is no afterlife                    8%


If God had a human form, would God be...

MALE           23

FEMALE      11


BOTH         49



Seems that religion is upbeat in India.



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