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In feasibility of God

In feasibility of God
This essay is not dealing with any specific model of God. It treats the general case of God. Although infeasibilty of a creator who creates out of nothing is doubtful, an architect God can manage to pass. So this is largely applicable to the creator out of nothing variety of God.
If some one thinks that it is anti-his god, then so be it.
It shows that the attributes attached to God cannot be satisfied simultaneously. So either God has to brought down a few pegs or He cannot exist feasibly.
1 God cannot be the first cause
God is said to be eternal and immutable. What is unchanging cannot be the cause of any effect. Thus ultimate cause of universe is the eternal yet ever changing Prakriti aka matter.
2. It may be said that matter is non intelligent and must be controlled and directed by an intelligent agent. But God, as posited by theists, does not act and control.
A thinker, Chaitra argued:
Cause of an effect has to be momentary, otherwise there would be continued effect. therefore a cause must cease after it produces an effect. Effect can persist. So if God is cause, He became extinct immediately after creation. But theists say God is eternal and not momentary.
3. Need to act. Suppose God IS and acts at a given moment, in a far yet in finite past, why should He act ??

Before acting, He sure was inactive. What or who activated him ??? This goes into infinite regress, and is thus absurd.

God did not act to fulfill any of His ends, since He is perfect, and is in want of nothing.

Nor can it be love and good of His creatures, which are yet to be created. No prudent entity will work for any creature without a gain to itself. Anyway, the world is full of misery and evil, thus defeating the supposed of His creatures. this disproves His omnipotence, as He can't remove evil to and in His creatures.
This also disproves His omniscience, as He could not foresee the future misery of His creatures.

If in spite of this we consider Him as the Ultimate Creator, then He is cruel in allowing His creatures to be in misery.
4. Inconsistent with Self. God is inconsistent with individual reality ie of soul. If soul is part of God, then every individual should have a part of His divinity. It is not so.

If soul is created by God, then it can be destroyed too. What is rationality of hell fires for an entity which can be annihilated !!! Why punish souls at all ???
Otherwise soul HAS to be eternal and immortal !!! But atheists deny eternity and immortality of any object except God.

last alternative is that there is no soul. That reduces the living creatures as images in clay moved by some forces other than Godly. And if there is no soul, then death is the finality.
What will be punished or rewarded after death ???

Conclusion is that God cannot exist, and Prakriti aka primal matter is the first cause.
1. God is imperceptible.
Even theists cannot claim to have seen God. But they try to prove Him by inference. Theists claim that the world is created by God. But they are yet to prove that world is a CREATED product. they could not observed the creation act itself, as
they were yet to be created.
2. A single God is unproved
Theists claim that God is ONE.They argue that multiple Gods may lead to conflicts. this is not tenable as we daily see teams of humans working on a project, even ants working in a co-ordinated fashion. Therefore if one God is possible then many, in fact infinite number of Gods are possible. This clearly is absurd because infinite number is impossible to achieve.

3. God cannot be perfect

A perfect object can be perfect in comparison with an imperfect object. If God is perfect then what is the His imperfect counterpart ?? Oh no, not Satan, Satan can be evil and yet perfect !!!

Perfection is achieved by removal of imperfections. It is meaningless to call an object perfect unless it was imperfect.
Who removed the imperfections of God ??? Infinite regress waits for you.
My supplements.
1. Doubtful eternity
God is posited as His own cause. Good God. Can a theist point to any such event taking place ??? God being self created should go on creating Himself ad infinitum.
2. Either God is non-entity like a sky-lotus and there is no possibility of Creation by that Non Entity [God].

3. Why should He create ??
If He is guided by some one else He is not free.
If He is guided in creation/destruction of world due good/bad actions of His creatures, then He is not free.
If He created as a sport and amusement then He is not free, as He depends on His creatures for His entertainment.

If He had no power of creation in the very beginning ie in infinitely remote past, then He can not acquire IT LATER. but since God is said to be immutable, He cannot acquire such powers, and some other entity conferred it upon Him. Infinite regress.
If creation is due to His existence and nature, then there should be simultaneous production. In such a case God may be even an incidental effect, not causally related to creation. Just like the sound of driving a nail is NOT related to the
driving of the nail.

If it is said that creation emanated out of Him unintentionally, then He is not in control of Himself. It additionally makes Him not "intelligent, omnipotent, omniscient" and a careless entity.
In short, it is not possible to satsify all the qualities attribute to creator God simultaneuly. Affimation of one contradicts the other qualities.

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