Monday, August 25, 2008

Sacred Mountain - OM Parvat

Sacred Mountain - OM Parvat
Om is most sacred word and sound in Hindu and Buddhist faiths. OM is the Word.
As per Panchavimsh Brahmana::

In the beginning was Prajapati, His Word was the second. This word is OM.
Mount OM is in shape of OM in devnagri script, the one used as vehicle for Sanskrit language since long. (ॐ)
The OM can be seen from a distance, and from air very clearly and unmistakenly. Hindus believe that it was etched into the Himayas by Lord Shiva welding His trident.
Elevation 6,191 metres (20,312 ft)
Location Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, India
Range Eastern Kumaon Himalaya
Coordinates 30°20′00″N, 80°25′00″E

First ascent was in October 8, 2004 by Tim Woodward  and others. But they did not climb the final few metres  out of respect for the sacred nature of the summit.

Climbing permit is subject to the condition that the peak would not be stepped upon.


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