Monday, September 1, 2008

Ever tried a SARI?

The sari is a long piece of cloth about a meter wide and 5 to 5 1/2meters long. 
Saris come in many designs designs and materials are available in a variety of colours. They are available in every price range, right from down to earth to all the way to the sky. It is made out of cotton, silk and other synthetic materials. Some exotic materials, like fibre extracted from bananna leaf too are used. Saris made of this fibre are silky smooth and long lasting. The cost of the saris varies according to the quality. The outer end of the sari or Pallu is most  attractive especially on silk saris. Indian women clad in sari's have a charm of their own.

How to wear a Sari.  - It is easy to handle.
To wear a sari is not a big deal for Indian women.
Generally the saris are worn in the following way.
  1. Unfold the sari into a single length. The inner top end of the correct side (the side of the sari where the print is most elegant) should be tucked into the long skirt  which is already worn.
  2. While tucking in, the breadth of the sari (height) should be of floor length.
  3. The sari is wound around the waist and the remaining length of the sari should be brought to the front. 
  4. The other end of the sari (pallu) should be pleated in three or four pleats in length and pinned to the blouse on the left shoulder.  It should  hang behind the shoulder a little below the knee. 
  5. Many pleats are taken with the remaining length of the sari (in the front) starting from the right side. It should be carefully and neatly tucked into the long skirt without protruding.
  6. The skirt should be moderately tight and the tucking should be proper, otherwise  if  stamped, the pleats might come out.
  7. The other end of the sari (pallu) pinned on the left side shoulder can also be left in single layer without pinning.
The history sari is as old as the Harappa culture. A seal from C 2000 BC depicts a woman in a sari like apparel.

But certainly sari makes you look more beautiful and sensual.




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