Monday, September 29, 2008

Lies of an officer

Mr. S. M. Sood is a senior officer and is not expected to lie. Not on record, at least. Yet he lied.

I had submitted an application under RTI Act. Placed below:


He gave a reply vide letter no. 7/1/(RTI)/2008- WP&P Coord./1293 dated 30/07/2008, which was concocted and fabricated. A few lies.

Point no 1. Tour programs undertaken by him.

Reply gives just an axtract not the tour programes in the proper format. Maybe the original is no longer available. It needs investigation.


2. Credit points earned

In reply he says he is not a frequent flyer. So what, Mr. Sood. Even infrequent flyers earn credit points. How many were earned and how many were used and HOW. It is clear case of suppression of information and lying both.

3. Tour reports.

First he says that no tour reoprts are required, as if I needed an education. Then he says that outcome of the tours were to the senior officers. Can he produce those officers as witnesses? Did he make verbal reports?

Mr. Sood must know that the only reoprts are the written reports. Where have they gone?? The fact is he never reported and is lying about it.

4. Closure of a dte.

He says that no Director had recommended of closure of a dte and that he is not aware of it.

Fact is that ONE Director did recommend it, and his remarks on that letter do exist, as do his signatures. Why did he lie? It needs investigations.

The information he gave is unclear and smudged.

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Posted on being reported by the requester.

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