Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ID wallahs- logical flaw

ID wallahs- logical flaw

ID crowd posits that life has been created by an intelligent designers. They seek to sneak God into that designer's office.
Let us examine.
ID premises:

1. Life is irreducibly complex
2. That which is irreducibly complex requires a designer
3. Such a designer is [highly] intelligent.

A few irrefutable derivations:

1. Intelligent beings are a form of life, as intelligence is physical, residing in physical brain.
2. If God is a designer, then God has to be intelligent
3. An intelligent being has to be physically alive, hence God is an alive physical being
4. Alive and intelligent physical beings  are products of an Intelligent Design.
5. Since God is alive, then according to ID, God must have been designed.

Hmmm.  Either God has been designed, or God is not alive and hence not intelligent, or ID premises have basic flaws.

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